Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Pressure Washing

All services are quoted as a Routine Cleaning, unless otherwise requested or recommended. Routine cleaning includes removal of surface debris including salt, dirt, mold and mildew, tree debris and bug debris.

Non-Routine cleaning, stain removal and restoration efforts are quoted additionally as they require methods and products above and beyond everyday cleaning operations and typically fall into one of the two categories: Organic Stains or Deposits require Non- Routine cleaning applications for removal and include (but are not limited to) tree pitch, tar, oil, grease, black vertical stains from air contaminates, efflorescence, hard water build up and artillery and other fungus. These require additional methods above and beyond regular routine cleaning methods. Inorganic Stains or Deposits (usually associated with construction activities) require Non Routine cleaning applications and include (but are not limited to) silicone, paint drippings, concrete/mortar splatter, chalk/ pencil marks, factory stickers or film and other types of construction or non-organic debris.

A+ Pro Services default description for our House Wash service includes a top to bottom, solution based, LOW Pressure cleaning of a residential home that removes dirt, mildew and other debris considered as part of a Routine Cleaning (above). AKA “Soft Washing”. We include all attached surfaces of a home; fascia, soffits, siding, dormers, trim, windows/ doors, screened porches, decking, railings, patios, outdoor furniture, outdoor showers and additional structures within 20’ like arbors/trellis and out buildings. Our House Wash always offers a clean rinse to remove our cleaning solution from house, windows and shrubbery.

A House wash is considered a ROUTINE CLEANING process that removes dirt, mildew and other surface debris. It brightens all surfaces with a clean rinse. Not Included in House Wash: pressure washing driveways/walkways, gutter clean out/ roof blowing, roofing cleaning (including decorative metal hip roofing) and fencing that extends more than 20’ from the home are all priced additionally.


Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Pressure Washing
What goes up, must come down. When spraying upwards with the solution, we must clean rinse the dirt and debris DOWN AND AWAY from your house. This is all using LOW PRESSURE. If you siding is brick it simply gets a clean rinse. BRICK STEPS AND FOUNDATIONS- often brick entrance steps and low sun areas like brick foundations behind shrubbery will become black or green with mildew or mold. These areas will be cleaned with moderate pressure, without damage. Mortar joints will be assessed to ensure integral prior to this process. Benefit to washing the entire house- remember, dormers, window trim, shutters, railings, porch floors and outdoor furniture all benefit from the total house wash. If we didn’t clean all of these areas, we would not be offering a professional service.

House Washing will brighten the gutters nicely. Our house wash product, however, is made for removing mildew and brightening surfaces. If the stains on the face of your gutters appear as black vertical stains, these appear from contaminants in the rain and through condensation and will not be removed by the House Wash (though they will look better in appearance overall).

GUTTER WHITENING is the process of removing the black vertical stains on your gutters. We use a more laborious process, charge a minimum of $65/ man hour, to hand clean with an aluminum polish that does NOT damage the factory paint like other degreasing and acid products will. Most of our clients do not request gutter whitening once the house wash is completed due to overall improved appearance. If whitening is requested, it is an add on service, priced per hour, and must include the entire “seamless” area of gutter for uniform results.

A Plus Pro Services offers LOW PRESSURE (SOFT WASH) cleaning on painted surfaces. In fact, our house wash process will keep your paint in good condition by removing dirt, mildew and oxidation (chalking due to sun and salt damage). Most importantly, CLEAN RINSING solutions from painted surfaces is guaranteed. IF PAINT IS COMPROMISED ALREADY- Loose and peeling paint is washed gently with low pressure unless a “Paint Ready Wash” is requested. Loose and peeling paint can still come Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Pressure Washing off even under low pressure cleaning conditions. A+ Pro services cannot be responsible for remediation of any compromised painted surface including aluminum, hardy, wood, vinyl or concrete surfaces.
Pool areas that are directly adjacent to a residential home ARE INCLUDED unless otherwise requested. Pool cleanings includes slip free walking surfaces, pool furniture (if present at pool) and surrounding fencing. Best efforts are made to keep dirt from entering pools but a pool cleaning is recommended afterwards.
Non- Glass Porch Enclosures (EZE Breeze Vinyl Windows) have been in our care since 1999. We provide hand cleaning of them as well as perform low pressure cleaning around them. We ask that you trust our process, which guarantees no bleach will remain long enough on the vinyl material long enough to do harm. To achieve cleaning of the above soffits and surrounding aluminum framing, we must apply our house wash solution. This solution is rinsed quickly and thoroughly, resulting in no damage. If you do accept this process, then we can still wash all other areas of the home and simply use water around the porch enclosure. Disclaimer: clean water rinsing will remove surface dirt and bug debris, however mildew will still reside.
Concrete Driveways are priced additional to a house wash because it is a separate process altogether. It includes all surfaces of your driveway, attached walkways, roadway skirting near driveway entrance and always a nice clean rinse. Using high pressure and high gallon per minute machines with a surface cleaner (that works just like a lawn mower cleaning passes up to 32” in diameter), this process uniformly cleans all surfaces of the concrete hardscape. Stain removal (like iron/irrigation, oil and tree pitch are considered non-routine and priced additionally).
Concrete Driveways are priced additional to a house wash because it is a separate process altogether. It includes all surfaces of your driveway, attached walkways, roadway skirting near driveway entrance and always a nice clean rinse. Using high pressure and high gallon per minute machines with a surface cleaner (that works just like a lawn mower cleaning passes up to 32” in diameter), this process uniformly cleans all surfaces of the concrete hardscape. Stain removal (like iron/irrigation, oil and tree pitch are considered non-routine and priced additionally).
Roof cleaning is a soft washing process that usually requires a safety evaluation and work plan. Considered a Non-Routine Cleaning Method due to liability, roof cleaning removes algae via a process recommended by the American Asphalt Roofing Association. We must Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Pressure Washing also follow OSHA’s Working Walking Surfaces safety rule. An additional estimate or item will be provided by request or added to an estimate.


Screen porches that are accessible from the exterior are always included in a house wash unless requested otherwise. Screen porches that can only be accessed from the interior are never included in a house wash. We can provide the latter service, however additional efforts are required to remove screen from framing and replace. We NEVER run hoses through a home interior. We ask clients to remove decorative, breakable, irreplaceable and non-outdoor type of items before washing. Leave the outdoor furniture in place. We use a low pressure, soft wash process to bleach and rinse ceilings, walls, floors and furniture. Outdoor style rugs may or may not be included. When complete, we dry either with a blower or floor squeegee (if necessary).
It is common for window and doors to leak, even when in a closed and locked position. We do not force high pressure around window and door openings. It is recommended that a visual inspection of all windows and doors is performed after a house wash. especially where wood flooring is present. Any windows and doors that leak should be inspected by a contractor. Technicians will make best efforts to report any windows and doors that leak, however A Plus Pro Services cannot be responsible for this occurrence or any damage resulting from improperly hung windows and doors.
Wood and fiberglass doors that are stained require upkeep including reapplication of a sealer every year to two years. If your door has not received regular maintenance our cleaning solution may discolor the door. Doors that have received good maintenance will not discolor. We are not responsible for repairing doors where sealers and stains have not been applied. We can either cover the door with plastic or avoid the door altogether by offering hand cleaning around the door area. This may add additional time considerations related to cost. Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Pressure Washing
Water will be obtained from the house being cleaned via the outdoor spigots. You may request an irrigation spigot be used but it will not rinse as clear as treated county water. Please ensure water is turned on for the service date. A standard house wash uses an average of 2500 gallons of water. We have never had a complaint about high water bills after our wash by clients. In the event that water is not attainable, A+ Pro Services maintains a permit from Brunswick County Public Water Utility to access fire hydrants OR if outside its jurisdiction, can obtain a permit from the applicable Town to access fire hydrants. There is an additional “water access charge” to do this averaging $65 per visit.
Flood lights, outdoor fans and electrical outlets are all intended to get wet. It’s when their protective parts (including caulking) are compromised or missing that water can cause damage. Even though we are not blasting your house and fixtures with high pressure, our machines put out a high volume of water which (if not protected by integral seals, gaskets and covers) will flood receptacles. Our wash can mimic a hurricane type intake of water. If electrical is exposed, water can produce an arc and even cause fire. Issues from electrical failure have been reported such as water inside flood light bulbs, circuits tripping, loss of power, fans not working and so fourth. Electrical issues are not limited to the above mentioned. Prevention includes: • Ensuring flood lights have a non-cracked and in-place rubber collar • Ensuring all outdoor electrical outlets have a closed cover and integral seal around them, especially if a brick home • Ensuring outdoor fans and lighting is rated for outdoor use and mounted flush to ceiling and walls • Ensuring outdoor receptacles are GFI capable Troubleshooting Includes: Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Pressure Washing • Allow all electrical to dry out for at least 24 hours before determining it has failed or needs replaced. • RESET all GFI outlets in home. This includes all or any outlets usually found outdoors, in garages, kitchens and bathrooms. • Check breaker box for a tripped breaker. Reset breaker. • Remove water filled flood light bulbs, install a new black rubber collar with new bulb.

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