How a Window Cleaning Machine Can Make Your Cleaning Job Easier

window cleaning machine

Window cleaning machines can be used for several purposes. Besides glass panes, they can clean floors, grout, and tiles. You can use them to clean furniture, too. Some come with additional tools and full cleaning kits. For more information, visit our page dedicated to window cleaning machines. A window cleaning machine can make your cleaning job much easier.

telescopic window cleaning system

Telescopic window cleaning systems are a great way to clean windows with ease. They are extremely flexible, with telescopic poles that can extend to different heights. This makes it easy for you to reach windows in different rooms. This system also comes with a cleaning solution to get the dirt out of windows.

The Telescopic window cleaning kit comes with a grey extendable telescopic pole, two cleaning heads, and a squeegee. The extra-wide squeegee head is designed to clean windows without leaving streaks, and the telescopic handle can extend to 128 cm!


When you are buying a squeegee for your window cleaning machine, you have many different options. You can choose from a heavy duty squeegee or a lightweight, ergonomic option. Brass squeegees are highly durable and will last longer than plastic models. You can get them in a variety of sizes, and you can also get replacement rubber blades to extend their life.

A good squeegee will remove any streaks and make sure your windows are clean. It should be used in a forward motion and at a 45-degree angle. This way, you won’t scratch the glass. Another technique is to use a squeegee with a fan to sweep away water and dirt.

Glass scraper

The Glass scraper for window cleaning machine is one of the tools that window cleaners use to clean windows. Dirty windows can give the impression that the building is not well maintained. These scrapers come in different shapes and sizes and are great for removing stubborn marks. They are safe for workers to use and come with anti-slip handles.

Window scrapers are very helpful for window cleaners because they remove stubborn dirt from windows. The blade of these tools is made of a professional grade and comes in different blade sizes. They can be as small as a pocket scraper or up to five or six inches. Make sure that you choose a scraper that is suited for the size of the window you plan to clean. It’s also important to select a scraper that has a flat edge. This helps you scrape the glass properly without damaging the UV film on the glass.

Robotic window cleaners

Robotic window cleaners attach to your windows via magnets or vacuum suction and move across the glass with a track system. Most are equipped with microfiber pads and brushes that scrub your windows, and they are usually supported by powerful tethers. They come in battery and corded models and can clean windows of all sizes. Advanced models also use sensors to map out the best patterns of cleaning for your window type.

You can control your robotic window cleaner using a smartphone or tablet. The robotic window cleaner can estimate the area of cleaning a window, and it avoids stumbling or hitting a window’s edge. It is also equipped with a thirty-minute battery backup and a suction cup with powerful suction. Its advanced edge detection technology can detect even the tightest corners in your window and ensure that it cleans safely.

Extension kit

A window cleaning machine extension kit can increase the cleaning power of your machine. This accessory kit comes with a telescopic pole and a microfiber cleaning and polishing pad. This tool will make it easier to reach windows that are out of reach for other cleaners. Its ergonomic handle will ensure that your bristles are in contact with the grime to remove it.

The extension pole is made of high quality chenille microfiber and comes in a variety of lengths – from five feet to thirty feet. It can be locked into a variety of angles and features a microfiber brush that can be removed easily for cleaning. Another extension kit comes with a squeegee and window washer and is ideal for cleaning medium-to-high windows.