Window Glass Cleaning Kits

window glass cleaning kit

If you’re looking to clean your window glass, then you’ll need a window glass cleaning kit. There are many different options available. But which one is best? Here’s a rundown of some of the top choices. Among these are the Stingray, Mr. Siga, Ettore, and SpeedClean.


The Unger Stingray window glass cleaning kit is a ready-to-use solution for indoor window cleaning. This innovative product requires less cleaning chemicals than a traditional sprayer and features a triangular TriPad, enclosed spray nozzle, and one-step Apply and Clean technology. It also eliminates the need for ladders or moving heavy furniture.

This kit includes the Handheld Stingray cleaning tool, two long poles (3.5′) and one short pole (1.5′). It also includes two cleaning pads: one for general cleaning and one for deep-cleaning glass. Each pad is machine-washable and maintains its integrity for up to 300 cleaning cycles.

Mr. Siga

A window cleaning kit can go a long way toward cleaning your window glass. Not only are dirty windows an eyesore, they can also keep indoor plants from getting the sunlight they need to grow. These kits contain a variety of different cleaning supplies to get the job done well.

The kit includes a rectangular bucket with cutouts, two microfibre cleaning cloths, a microfibre brush, and two squeegees. It also comes with a spray bottle that features an adjustable nozzle for a precise clean. This kit includes everything you need to clean windows and other glass surfaces in the house.


The Ettore window glass cleaning kit has everything you need to clean windows and other glass surfaces. It includes the Original Squeegee, which has a lifetime warranty. This kit also comes with an Ettore Extension pole and a removable machine washable cover. This kit makes it easy to clean windows in your house.

The Ettore window glass cleaning kit comes in different sizes to meet the needs of homeowners and professionals. It contains professional-grade cleaning tools for window cleaning, including a cleaning clamp, aluminum channels, and a scraper with a tough blade.


The Unger SpeedClean window glass cleaning kit comes with a professional grade microfiber cleaning pad. The cleaning pad is designed to remove dust, grease, and fingerprints from glass and windows. The triangle-shaped microfiber cleaning pad glides easily across glass. It also has a protective cutout to reduce the risk of inhaling chemicals.

The Unger SpeedClean window glass cleaning kit comes with everything you need to clean your indoor windows without any drips. The system includes a microfiber pad holder, which you can hold to your window glass. You can also use an optional TelePlus pole that extends the length of the cleaning pad.

Ettore 17050

The Ettore 17050 Window Glass Cleaning Kit includes a combination of squeegees and cleaning tools. The combo kit features a 30cm All-Purpose Squeegee and a 25cm Microfiber Washer. It also comes with a 1.5m REACH extension pole with Click-lock feature.

The Ettore 17050 is similar to the Ettore 65000 window cleaning kit, including a washer and squeegee. Both tools can be mounted on extension poles with REA-C-H connectors. The squeegee and washer can be used on windows and other glass surfaces. It can also be used on mirrors and shower doors.

Invisible Glass

The ergonomic long-reach handle easily reaches even the tiniest spaces and tight corners. Its flexible cleaning head makes constant contact with the surface. This ensures a streak-free finish. It is a must-have for window glass cleaning. With a cleaning time of less than 30 minutes, it will make your windows sparkling clean in no time.

The Invisible Glass window glass cleaning kit comes with three 19-ounce bottles of window glass cleaner and three glass cleaning towels. The glass-cleaning solution can be applied to windows, mirrors, and other surfaces that are difficult to clean with traditional products.


The Puracy window glass cleaning kit contains products that will help you clean your windows without using too many chemicals. These products are environmentally friendly and can be used on other surfaces other than glass. They are plant-based and do not contain harsh chemicals that could harm your children or pets. Some products even have a scent and come in convenient travel sizes.

Before you begin, make sure your glass is free of dust, cobwebs, and dirt. Then, lay a towel on the window sill to catch any drips. Next, wet your sponge with the cleaning solution. Be careful not to soak the sponge, or rub the cleaner against the window frame. It is more important to select a solution that will clean your windows effectively, than to choose the right cleaning pattern.